If the technology strikes and "nothing more goes", a fast PC service is in demand. Certainly, you experience one of the following problems:
The image is distorted or lines appear on the screen.
The operating system can not be started.
The computer can not be switched on / powered up.
No more keyboard input is possible.
Single USB ports are defective.
Nervous Blue Screens appear.


Professionelle Reparatur vom Laptop-Service in Bautzen
Auch bei Problemen schaffen wir rasche Abhilfe. Jeder kennt die Situation, wenn der PC streikt:
Sie haben plötzlich Linien am Bildschirm, ein verzerrtes Bild oder schlicht gar kein Bild?
Der Bildschirm ist gebrochen?
Windows / das Notebook startet nicht?
Die Tastatur oder das Touchpad ist defekt?
Einzelne USB-Anschlüsse funktionieren nicht?
Kein Ton? Kein Bild?

Smartphone / Tablet PC

Professional repair of laptop-service in Bautzen
Even in the case of problems, we provide a quick remedy. Everyone knows the situation when the PC strikes:
Do you suddenly have lines on the screen, a distorted picture or simply no picture?
The screen is broken?
Windows / the notebook does not start?
The keyboard or touchpad is broken?
Single USB ports do not work?
No sound? No picture?

Data Recovery

Do you no longer get your data?
Your photos / documents from PC, hard disk, camera or mobile phone are gone?
We offer a non-binding analysis and then you will receive a quotation from us for saving your data.


Are you a novice or advanced user of technology?
We offer advice, support and support in many questions about your technology.